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Because we’re asking you to support the show, we also wanted to share with you where your money will go.

We didn’t start this podcast to make bank. In fact, none of the money you give will line our pockets. Rather, we will use it to pay our producer, Melody Rowell, everything she deserves—and she deserves a lot!

Producing a podcast involves a lot of work. When we record an episode, we each record an individual audio file. Melody then splices those files together so that all of the audio is high quality and still sounds like we are in conversation with one another. She then edits segments that go on too long, or cuts out segments we wanted to redo (because our first try didn’t quite work out!). She then splices in all of the audio clips—oral argument clips, opinion hand downs, music transitions, hearing testimony, things like that. And a lot of our best ideas come from her (like the stickers, for example).

As a podcast hosted by four women, we think it’s vitally important to pay people what they’re worth. And Melody’s excellent work is worth a lot. Even our best episodes (meaning the episodes that are the cleanest raw tape) take her several hours to produce. And we can’t be at the top of our game all of the time!

We’d also love to be able to feature guests in future shows. And while we think it’s weird, not everyone has their own personal podcast recording studio in house. To attract great guests while maintaining high audio quality, we would need to hire tape syncers to record the guest. Down the road we might also want to do some live shows, which will mean travel expenses.

Then there are the little things like maintaining our website—there will be times when we’ll need a professional assist from those who do this website thing for a living.

So that’s where your money will go—we think these are worthy efforts, and we hope you agree and will support the show. Thanks, listeners!

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